Ruby Hands-On with ElectivesxGoAcademy

Gem? Do you know the things that Thanos put on his glove? Ya, that’s Infinity Stones not a gem (Just kidding).

Marvel — Infinity Stones

There are so many kinds of a gem, like agate, alexandrite, diamond, sapphire, ruby, heliodor, and many more. From all of those kinds of gems, We’re gonna talk about Ruby. How was Ruby made? and What is the history of Ruby? Nah, I’m still Joking.

Hi there! I’m Anggi, sorry for all of those intros and jokes (which not funny at all), the point of this post is sharing my experience learning Ruby (programming language not kinds of gems) with electives x GoAcademy. Thanks to GenerationGirl and GoAcademy who make this workshop happened. I joined this workshop since the trial class is opened, I got a blast message from GenerationGirl which they wanted to open a trial class with GoAcademy and without thinking I registered myself. The trial class was so fun and I’m so excited to join the real class begin.

Unfortunately, I can’t join the beginner level class, so I ask my sister to join since the beginner level is beginner-friendly. My sister is someone who doesn’t have a tech background and she was happy for joining the class, she said that even tho she doesn’t know anything at all but the mentor was so good explained it to the class (actually, sometimes I took a peek what did she learn in the class) and from her class, I heard if they would open for Intermediate class.

Before we continue to the Intermediate Level, I want to tell you, What is Ruby that we’ve talked about

Ruby as Programming Language is a language of careful balance. Its creator, Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto, blended parts of his favourite languages (Perl, Smalltalk, Eiffel, Ada, and Lisp) to form a new language that balanced functional programming with imperative programming. Mr Matz chooses Ruby is from his very dear colleague and one of his favourite language which is Perl, It was the birthstone of his colleague and the next birthstone in the monthly sequence after Perl: June’s is pearl and July’s is ruby.

What’s at Intermediate Level?

Finally, I took a chance to join this program and as I expected it’s so fun learning together and have someone to discuss with. In Intermediate Level, we learned about database, routing, HTTP method, MVC, CRUD and unit test. I’d like to highlight the most interesting topic that I learned at this level which is Unit Test. I always it’s so cool if I can make a unit test for my program. We use rspec — a tool for us to do a unit test in Ruby.

installation command

Rspec have a lot of commands that can help us to do a unit test. Lemme tell you some of commands that I use in the class.

describe <class that we're gonna test> do   context <the method or behavior that we're gonna test> do      it <what we're gonna do on test> do       end

On the last day, just like the beginner level, we’ve been asked to present our final project which was a website to order food and suddenly something came up so I can’t join to present my final project.

Advanced Level! Is it the end? 😰

I dunno if there will another level after this or not, but lemme tell you my favourite level. At the Advanced Level, we’re learned more about the detail of SOLID principle, clean code, implementing Test Driven Development (TDD) and Design Pattern. Well, I can’t say which one is my favourite because all of the topics is my favourite.

I’ve been taught about how to write a clean code and 💥It blows my mind, what I think was okay, the truth is my code was so smelled, but that’s okay it means I grow up.

Advanced Level class is about to end. Last Tuesday, I just present my final project, creating a library program, ya that’s sound simple but it takes more than 100 commits to reach the best result, maybe as a user you will not notice the difference, but It means a lot for another developer, engineer, programmer to have such a beautiful codebase (the readable one).

if you interested in my final project you can reach the link below:

omg I don’t know how to embed Instagram post on medium 😓

another intermezzo for you, I got noticed and being a trend setter tuesday from Generation Girl. See the post on the link below:

Wanna get a feature from GenerationGirl, click me!

Wohoo! It’s the end of my first post, see you…… 👋👋👋



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